Wallpaper Removal

We get so many questions on how to remove wallpaper. What’s the best way? What’s the easiest way?

  1. Score the walls, this step will ensure the removal technique, penetrates the paper, and loosens the glue. (It is worth the small investment to buy a scoring tool!)
  2. There are a couple of methods and mixtures that I found to work well for taking down the paper. The mixtures, either equal parts of white vinegar and hot water or a quarter cup liquid fabric softener to each gallon of hot water. The trick is to make the water really hot! Applicators? For the white vinegar, I’ve found a spray bottle works the best. Saturate the wall and let it sit until you see the paper bubbling up and then peel the paper off using a wide putty knife to get under the paper. If you find it’s sticking, just spray and scrape, spray and scrape as you go.
  3. If you choose the fabric softener route, put the mixture in a big five-gallon bucket and put a paint grid over the side. Use a paint roller to spread the mixture over the walls, and then simply scrape the wallpaper off.
  4. When the paper is removed reapply the solutions to remove any paste residue. A window squeegee can make quick work of this job.

If wallpapers are not your thing then interior paint can be a great choice. Here’s our guide on the best interior paints that you should surely check out!