Thanksgiving Thoughts

It’s time to talk turkey! I’m sure everybody is looking forward to their thanksgiving meal; well, if you’re in charge of dinner I have some tips to make it picture perfect.

  1. Wondering whether you’ll have enough turkey? If the party is all adults figure a pound and a half per person, lots of kids? Lower it to a pound apiece. This allows for leftovers!
  2. If you’re buying a frozen turkey you need to figure thawing time into your schedule. The turkey in it’s packaging should be put on a pan in the refrigerator and thawed twenty-four hours for every five pounds, so pop a ten-pound turkey in the fridge two days in advance!
  3. Cooking time will vary depending upon your method of choice and your oven. But remember two rules, cook it no lower than three hundred and twenty five degrees and until a thermometer in the thigh reads one hundred and eighty degrees!
  4. Gummy, lumpy mashed potatoes? If you add cold liquid to hot potatoes that’s exactly what you’ll get. Instead warm some buttermilk and mash that in for fluffy and flavorful potatoes!
  5. Soggy pies a problem? If you’re making a fruit pie, paint the bottom and sides of the piecrust using a egg that has been beaten , the white should be added before the filling, it will solve the problem fast! For cream or custard pies, sprinkle a thin layer of superfine sugar in the bottom of the crust just before pouring the liquid.

We love to relax around a fireplace with the family during thanksgiving which is why we also created a guide on the best fireplace inserts in the market.