Simple Halloween

If you have no time to make, much less go out and buy Halloween costumes, I have some easy, quick and inexpensive ideas.

  1. Have a square box; think about a jack in the box. Cut some leg holes and decorate it with some brightly colored paper or paints. For the crank, cut and bend a wire coat hanger, slip it in place and add duct tape to the inside of the box. Use a Styrofoam or rubber ball or block as the grip. Dress your child in bright colored clothes; slip a hat on their head and paint their cheeks red.
  2. How about a present. Cut arms, legs and neck holes in a box and scrap it in some birthday paper.
  3. Bath time, splish, splash. Simply pull together a shower cap, a scrubber, a rubber ducky, a bathrobe and some slippers. Cute as a button.
  4. How about a painter. All you have to do is find some old paint cover-ups and a cap. If you have to buy a cover-up, they only cost a few dollars, and if you just splatter them with some paint, top it off with a cap and a brush and then use a paint can for collecting your candy.

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