Candle Safety

We all love the warm glow of candles. If you are like us and like to have lit candles around the house then there are some safety tips which are worth remembering. Here’s some things that we highly recommend:

1. Burning candles is an easy enough job but trimming the wick to a quarter of an inch will help the candle to burn evenly. (Do ensure that you don’t keep any flammable materials near the candle).

2. Candles inside glass look cool but did you know that the glass can actually crack? This is why you should not use the candle once it has depleted near the bottom of the container.

3. Keeping a layer that can absorb head below the candle and the surface you keep it on will help prevent stains.

4. Point 3 will also apply to using candles on glass tables. While toughened glass might not be a problem, ordinary glass can crack if you use a candle directly on it.

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