Best Fireplace Inserts 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. R.W Flame2. Touchstone3. Dimplex Firebox
R.W Flame 36 Inch Best Fireplace InsertTouchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric FireplacesDimplex Firebox 23inch Insert

Winters are incomplete without a cozy little fireplace. However, traditional fireplaces are often inconvenient, time-consuming, and not very green. That’s why we might resort to fireplace inserts instead.

A fireplace insert is a unit designed to fit inside an existing hearth, and work as a much more efficient and practical substitute for a fireplace. However, there are too many products on the internet that you would have to rummage through before you can find the best fireplace insert for heating.

Don’t worry; we have done the work for you. After going through numerous reviews and ratings, we have created a list of nine best fireplace inserts you can find anywhere.


All of these products are premium in quality; they vary in secondary features. We have also tried to include various types of fireplace inserts suiting different needs of different individuals so that everyone can find something useful.

Top 9 Best Fireplace Inserts 2023

1. R.W Flame 36 Inch Recessed and Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

R.W Flame 36 Inch Best Fireplace InsertIf you are looking for a user-friendly, compact and reasonably priced option, R. W. Flame has the best fireplace insert at your disposal.

Only 3.85 inches wide, this is one of the thinnest fireplace inserts in the market. It can be easily installed on the wall or in a recessed way. Compared to the traditional design of fireplace inserts which have the switches on the edge and are inconvenient to use, these inserts are user-friendly with their multi-operating modes.

The touch screen and remote control add a modern touch and an easier interface compared to your classic fireplace insert. The various modes on this insert include- 12 flame and LED flame bed color modes, 5 flame speed modes, and 5 flame brightness levels. Additionally, the 750W and 1500W modes can be adjusted in order to attain a warmer ambience or save energy accordingly.

The supplemental zone for heating is up to 400 square feet. The heat is adequate for maintaining a natural level of humidity without making the air in the room too dry. In case you are concerned about overheating, this ETL approved fireplace insert has taken care of that as well. The auto-heat-kill safety option helps you avoid overheating or accidental fires.

Finally to seal the deal, this product comes with a one-year limited warranty along with friendly customer service.


2. Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces 36”

Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric FireplacesAre you searching for a fireplace insert which will not only keep you warm but also emulate the authentic design of an original fireplace? Touchstone has the best fireplace insert for you..

This fireplace has been exclusively designed for recessed mounting in the walls. An easy-to-follow instruction manual is provided with the product to help you out install the unit on your own. The wiring for this insert can be hard-wired or plugged according to your convenience.

It features two heat settings which are ideal for colder and relatively warmer seasons. The higher option keeps you cozy and comfortable even on chilly days, while the lower setting will provide you with the appropriate amount of warmth on slightly chilly days. Both the heat and flame settings are remote controlled.

Now for the most fun part; the fireplace screen emits flames that imitate real fire. However, the set also includes faux fire logs and crystals to create an even more authentic ambience. The 5 flame and 5 brightness settings help radiate an array of flames ranging from soft ember to intense blaze.

The other modes allow you to switch on the flames without turning on the heat and vice versa. The built-in timer setting (30 min to 7.5 hours) is very handy in conserving energy and avoiding overheating.

With its chic design and efficient performance, this fireplace is an amazing investment.


3. Dimplex Firebox 23″ Insert

Dimplex Firebox 23inch Insert

For those who want to recreate a compact fireplace of their own, we recommend this firebox insert with a log set by Dimplex.

This fireplace insert set features a patented LED log set with an inner glow and pulsating ember technology. This gives the logs and embers an authentic radiant quality which emulates a realistic fireplace experience.

The unit is compact, and can be placed in most existing wood fireplace openings. Being 42% smaller than conventional baseboards, this fireplace allows for discreet styling and added versatility of placement while you are designing the room.

This insert allows you to experience the feel of a real fireplace without worrying about safety concerns such as harmful emissions or accidents. This also makes the product environment friendly while being incredibly efficient.

The compactness of this fireplace insert gives it a bigger advantage over the others that use live logs. You can enjoy the charm of a naturalistic fireplace, while gaining the safety that an electric one provides.


4. R.W Flame 36″ Electric Fireplace Insert

4. R.W.FLAME 36

If you have been looking for a freestanding electric fireplace, we have news for you.

The unit has been constructed with 7mm thick tempering glass in the front and a smooth black finish for the rest of its body. The automatic flame setting lets the flame color change on its own to give your room a modern ambience.

Equipped with a touch screen on the front panel this fireplace insert is incredibly user-friendly, much like most products by R. W. Flame. The numerous operating modes of this insert include five flame color modes (even an icy blue one!), five burning log color modes, five flame speed modes, and five flame brightness levels.

For energy conservation purposes, you can use the timer which can run for 1 to 8 hours. The two heat settings (750W and 1500W) can be used according to your requirements.

The flames can be operated with or without heat. On the other hand, the sleep mode lets you keep the heat on while the LED lights are off. The auto heat-kill option keeps your room from getting overheated. Unlike most other fireplace inserts, this heater produces a noise only about 38 Db, thus letting you get an uninterrupted good night’s sleep.

The unit can be mounted with utmost ease. It can stand on its own as well; simply make sure it is positioned at a safe distance. Finally, the company provides its customers with a one-year limited warranty and helpful customer service.


5. Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Insert

5. Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Insert

Fireplace inserts are much safer and cleaner than actual fireplaces. However, if you are not a big fan of fireplace screens, we recommend this realistic electric log insert.

This 3D fireplace insert is constructed in a clever way to emulate an authentic fireplace, but without the mess of an actual one. The energy efficient LED lights can operate on five different brightness levels and even different flame heights, from a soft cinder to a strong glow.

The heater features different levels of warmth and is equipped with a circulating blower which is very quiet and can function on three different speeds. There is even a feature to make the unit look like flickering fire, accompanied by the sounds of a real fireplace.

The timer option on the remote helps you save energy and money. The flames can operate with or without the heat; even summer evenings will not be devoid of the ambience that a fireplace brings.

Since the electric log insert comes fully assembled, you do not need to put it together. Simply position the insert in the fireplace and plug it in. However, this insert works best for a medium sized room. Very large rooms might need stronger products, especially if you live in a particularly cold region.

Lastly, this product is incredibly affordable and has a high value for the price. This is the best fireplace insert for you if you want to invest in a quality and realistic log insert.


6. Peterson Real Fyre 24-Inch Oak Log Set With Vented Burner and Gas Connection Kit

6. Peterson Real Fyre 24-Inch Oak Log Set With Vented Burner and Gas Connection Kit

If you are willing to splurge on a live oak log and burner set operating on gas instead of electricity, you might want to check this product out.

This amazing log and burner set by Peterson Real Fyre includes 6 gas logs, a grate, sand, glowing embers, a vented burner and a gas connection kit. The kit comes with an instructional manual to help you set it up. Unlike real logs, with these you need not worry about keeping the fire going or cleaning up the mess afterwards.

The outstanding craftsmanship by Real Fyre succeeds in capturing the realism of actual oak logs. The logs included in this set are made from superior refractory ceramics which provide you with radiant heat, even after the burner has been turned off. The hand-painted details are replicated from real world samples and the high definition bark enhances the natural look of oak.

However, these logs aren’t just about looks. Each log is equipped with a steel rod insert for maximum reinforcement. The vented burner ensures that they burn gas more efficiently thus reducing pollution and protecting natural resources. A flexible gas line which utilizes natural gas to run the product is provided with the set.

The warranty on this product varies from part to part of the set. You can find the entire information on the website and the product manual.

If you want to recreate the exact experience of lighting a fire in a fireplace, without having to deal with all the cleaning afterwards, this is one of the best fireplace inserts you can buy.


7. Tagi 30” Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert

7. Tagi 30'' Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert

Tagi has an embedded electric fireplace insert for you with realistic brick panels and a fuel bed. The unit features six levels of varying brightness and intensity. You can simply use the flames with or without the heat as well.

There are two heat setting options on this device- 750W and 1500W which can be used for different rooms and weathers, or for energy saving purposes, based on your requirements. The timer ranging from 0.5 to 8 hours on this device also saves electricity.

The device being electric, understandably maintains a more precise temperature than an actual fireplace. The temperature ranges from 62°F to 82°F. Additionally, this fireplace insert provides you with a supplemental heat for up to a whopping 400 sq. ft.

What distinguishes this insert from others is the automatic heat-kill function. This setting, when in use, enables the heater to turn on if the thermostat setting is higher than the room temperature; i.e. when the temperature reaches the thermostat setting, the heater turns off automatically.

The product comes with its remote control to monitor the settings, and all the necessary hardware you would need to mount the device. Hardly any effort is required to assemble this product; you simply need to mount it and plug it in.


8. Yodolla 28.5″ Electric Fireplace Insert

. Yodolla 28.5

For those who are looking for a simple, easy-to-use and efficient product with high value for the price, Yodolla has the best fireplace insert for you.

This fireplace insert has three operating flame colors which include classic orange, icy blue and a unique violet variant you can hardly find anywhere else. The flames can work with or without heat providing you with the ambiance of a gentle rolling fire through all seasons.

Other modes on this device include a dimmer to control the brightness level, adjustable temperatures, and a timer for the heater (range: 1 to 8 hours). The wattage of this device varies from 750 to 1500W and the thermostat allows you to control the room temperature precisely, the range being 60°F to 82°F.

The remote control provided with this unit is particularly easier to use compared to most other similar fireplace inserts. Apart from the remote, you can also use the control panel on the unit to operate the same.

Constructed with cold roll steel and a tempered glass front, this fireplace insert is highly durable and sturdy. The body of the device is equipped with a child lock to keep your little ones safe. Yodolla has a series of fireplace inserts with even more available flame colors if you want to browse for more.

The product requires in-wall embedded installation before use, or you can install it in your fireplace before plugging it in. The trim pieces are already assembled, which is an added bonus.


9. Lokatse Home 36″ Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Insert

9. Lokatse Home 36

Moving on to the most modern, and chic looking device on our list – this fireplace insert by Lokatse.

The ultra high intensity LED lights provide a very bright and naturalistic flame effect. The flames can emit three different levels of brilliance, based on your need, and can be turned on separately with or without the heat. Using the various modes, you can switch the colors of the flames or even combine multiple colors to create a more whimsical or aesthetic fireplace.

This wall-mounted electric fireplace releases the warm air through the vents located on the top region of the front panel. The 4777 BTU heater provides you with supplemental zone heating for up to 400 square feet. The quiet heating mechanism does not interrupt your sleep.

The quality steel, plastic and the front glass make the entire product durable and sturdy. Mounting it on the wall is even easier because of how lightweight it is. You can operate the insert using either the remote or the control panel on the device itself.

The automatic thermal cut-off switch prevents the appliance from getting overheated and ensures your safety. Temperature control and a sleep timer which ranges from 0.5 to 6 hours are some of the other very handy options on this unit.

Lokatse offers their customers a free replacement or refund in case you receive damaged products or missing parts for 30 days after the purchase. If you are searching for an appliance that would complement your modern décor, this is the best fireplace insert for you.


Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Fireplace Insert

1. Type Of Fireplace Insert

There are a variety of fireplace inserts you can choose from. There are different designs and types that can vary on the basis of what kind of power they utilize and their physical structure.

If you have more time you might want to consider a live log set with burners which are essentially artificial logs that burn for a long time and are more sustainable than using actual wood. They are the closest you can get to creating an authentic fire. However, they utilize natural gas. If that is not something you would prefer, you should opt for electric inserts.

Electric fire inserts can be of various shapes and sizes. However, electric ones can be much less time consuming and more efficient.

The thinner ones which look like screens can be mounted anywhere easily, let alone the hearth. You can change the color and brightness of the flames on these, in addition to various other handy modes like setting timers etc.

Other electric ones can imitate natural fires better with their 3D logs and look more realistic in the hearths. Even though temperature can be controlled on this type of fireplace inserts, they might not give you the varied array of colors and intensities that the previously mentioned ones do.

2. Power Source

Fireplace inserts can use both natural gas and electricity as power sources. However, electric inserts tend to be more efficient and eco-friendly. And you might end up saving more money with an electric one if you use it responsibly.

3. Features

What features your fireplace inserts should have completely depends upon your choice. If you want colorful flames with varying levels of brilliance that you can control, you have a huge array of options to choose from

However, modes such as sleep timers and auto heat-kill options ensure that your room does not get overheated. It also ensures that you are using the appliance resourcefully and saving energy and money.

It is also important to note the wattage and voltage of the appliance to see if it is compatible with your home’s electric plug points.

4. Ease To Assemble

The ease of assembling the fireplace insert varies widely from product to product. You can simply place some of the inserts into the hearth and plug it in. Other inserts, usually the wall mounted ones, might need exactly measured out slots to be positioned inside properly.

5. Dimensions

Checking the dimensions of the fireplace insert that you are buying is of utmost importance. If you are buying a wall-mounted insert, you will need exact dimensions in order to make space for the insert on your walls. If you are buying a 3D electric one to be placed, do provide a little space for the heater to breathe properly.

6. Price

A fireplace insert is a major investment which is meant to last a long time. Hence, it does cost a certain amount of money. However, the price tag is not necessarily an indicator of the quality of the product. The reviews and ratings speak a lot about the quality. As long as the value for the price is high, you need not worry a lot about the price.

Best Fireplace Inserts – Summing Up

A fireplace insert is an investment. And we want to make sure that you are investing in the right product. It might be tricky to find the perfect fireplace insert at the right price. This is why we have aimed to include a huge variety of products so that you can consider all the possible options before making the decision.

All the basic and essential factors have been taken care of for each and every product on this list. So, without worrying about the quality you can pick up whichever product suits your requirements the best. And no matter which you buy, we hope it keeps you warm and content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Fireplace Inserts Worth The Money?

Electric fireplace inserts are investments that are meant to stay in your life for a long time. They are efficient, utilize lesser resources and are durable in the long run. Moreover, they are much lower maintenance than regular fireplaces which demand much more time and effort on your part.

Q2. How Long Do Fireplace-inserts Last?

It depends upon the quality and type of the fireplace insert that you are buying. Electric inserts are investments and are supposed to last quite a while. Premium fireplace inserts can last as long as 20 years.

Q3. Are Electric Fireplace Inserts Better Than Live Logs?

It depends upon your needs which type you are interested in. If you have more time in your hands, you might like live logs, because they require time and effort to set up.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eHowever, electric fireplace inserts are incredibly efficient, eco-friendly, time-saving and durable. Additionally, you do not have any messes to clean up with electric inserts.

Q4. Do All Fireplace Inserts Have Blowers?

A blower can increase a fireplace’s efficiency. Some inserts have blowers that push back the hot air into the room through front vents; this might increase the supplemental zone and help heat up a larger area.

Q5. Do Electric Fireplaces Look Fake?

It depends upon which one you are buying. A lot of electric ones are designed to emulate the authentic look of a fireplace.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe ones that can be positioned inside hearths are usually incredibly realistic. The wall mounted ones might look less similar to the others, but they are more modern and create a similar ambience to actual fireplaces while also providing you heat efficiently.

Q6. Can You Plug An Electric Fireplace Into A Regular Outlet?

Most electric fireplaces can be plugged into standard 120V outlets. Usually this requirement is mentioned with the product details.

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